Entry Requirements

A visitor must be in possession of a valid passport and a return or onward ticket. If a visitor's visa is required it is normally granted for two weeks, but can be renewed for a further period upon request. Visas may be obtained from Mauritian Embassies and High Commission. Please note that British citizens do not require a visa. Please obtain the necessary visa requirements from your travel agents or contact the Mauritius Embassies in your country prior to your date of travel.

An internal vaccination certificate against yellow fever is needed if arriving from an infected area. There is very low risk of malaria in Mauritius. Please seek vaccination requirements prior to date of travel.

Getting Around Car hire is advisable, but not essential, driving is on the left and petrol is about half the price of that in the United Kingdom. Visit air Mauritius for car rental.

NB When driving you must carry your driving licence with you at all times. UK and French driving licences are accepted, but please check regarding others. A good bus and taxi service is also available around the island.


Passengers of 16 years of age and over are allowed the following duty free items: 250g of tobacco (including cigars and cigarettes), 2 litres of wine, ale or beer, 1 litre of spirits and about 25cl of Eau de Toilette and a small quantity of perfume not exceeding 10 cl.

Plants and seeds, fresh fruits and flowers must be declared to customs immediately upon arrival and are subject to examination. An import permit must be obtained from the Minister of Agriculture prior to their introduction.

The same procedures are applicable for animals which must also undergo a quarantine period. Firearms must be declared on arrival.

Note: The above information was correct at the time of print. Please refer to the Mauritius customs clearance and allowance for any recent update.